The Devil’s Rock

The structure is “The Devil’s Rock” of this New Zealand fantasy’s title.

Inside, they meet a representative of their Nazi enemy, Col. Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) who warns them of the shrieking woman’s voice they hear. Halfway into the film, when we finally see why: She’s hot!

See, the imprisoned woman looks just like Capt. Grogan’s late wife (a striking Gina Varela, a former Power Ranger). Yet Meyer sees his beloved Helga. What’s going on here? As Frank Sinatra once crooned, it’s witchcraft. She’s a succubus, a she-devil, literally summoned from the bowels of Hell.

I agree: That sounds kinda cool. But the directorial debut of Paul Campion (an effects artist, most recently for current Oscar contender “Hugo“) is all style and of little substance. (He co-wrote the lackluster script, too.) A three-man show for most of its running time, “The Devil’s Rock” disappoints primarily because of its languid pace and dialogue nearly as labyrinthian as the tale’s ever-tunneled venue.

Even with the third act built upon a ritual that would suggest the makings of a decent possession flick, it’s not to be. The makeup that turns Varela into a demon is fantastic, but the story circumstances surrounding it are not. When the removal of a bullet is the sequence of most interest, you’re best to extract yourself from committing to it. —Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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