Building Liberia’s library

Evelyn Phyffer, among the key organizers of the collection, said during a trip to Liberia, she saw firsthand the republic’s desperate need for books for children, medical students and seminary students.

“Teachers in Liberia use the chalk-and-talk method,” she said. “They have to write all their lessons on a chalkboard because students do not have the necessary textbooks. When additional work is required, the students go to the school library where they share a handful of worn-out textbooks. The section of the library for younger students had about 75 books, to be used by nearly 500 children in the lower grades. The only periodicals they had were 13 National Geographic magazines from the 1970s.”

The goods donated to the Republic of Liberia include periodicals, school supplies and art materials.

The items were collected by various organizations, including:
• Crown Heights United Methodist Church,
• the Junior League of Oklahoma City,
• Ebenezer Baptist Church,
• Wesley United Methodist Church,
• Spanish Cove in Yukon,
• Project Transformation,
• Quayle United Methodist Church,
• Hope Church (on North Meridian Avenue),
• Mustang United Methodist Women,
• Oklahoma City University,

• St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church in Norman,

• Southern Hills United Methodist Church,
• St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and
• South Lee United Methodist Church.

This the is second such collection Phyffer has helped organize for Liberia, the first having been sent in 2010.

Photo by Mark Hancock

Phil Bacharach

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