‘Snuffing’ out life

I get your intent, though. I’m pretty sure you’re comparing our wonderful advancements in other areas to our backward approach to abortions — we actually make the mother listen to a description of the child she and the doctor are going to kill, “even if both are unwilling.” And to do so, a transducer must “be inserted in the vagina if that method produces the best ultrasound image.”

What torture! Sorry to be crass, but if the fair sex kept other things from being inserted in their vaginas, we wouldn’t have nearly as big a problem. I did find it intensely interesting that you were so passionate about the female abortioner’s comfort and failed to say a word about the life she is planning on destroying. Nor did you mention how lucky you were to arrive at a convenient time for your mother, and that she decided to suffer the problems, discomfort, expense and pain of bringing you into the world instead of snuffing you out like a cigarette butt.

Bill Davidson

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Bill Davidson

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