Identity crisis

Senate Bill 1569, authored by none other than Sen. Ralph Shortey (he of fetus-food bill notoriety) requires candidates in Oklahoma’s presidential primaries to present the state Election Board with a photo ID and proof that they satisfy all requirements for office.

Cue the “natural-born citizen” arguments.

a news statement on the bill’s passage, Shortey basically dismissed
suggestions that SB 1569 was an effort to capitalize on anti-President
Barack Obama sentiment in the state.

in the absence of any controversy, this is a proposal that makes good
sense,” Shortey said. “We require people to present ID to board a plane,
use credit cards, purchase alcohol and tobacco and even to enter
certain buildings.”

Shortey avoided full-on Donald Trump territory, and said his motive was the preservation of the election process.

a believer in federalism, I think it is important that states have the
ability to fully vet candidates and ensure they satisfy all requirements
for eligibility,” said the Oklahoma City Republican.

Gazette staff

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