A leg to stand on

Yukon’s sweetheart Garth Brooks needs to consider writing a song about answered prayers. Earlier this month, he was announced as an
inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame — one of the youngest at a
youthful and still-musical 50. In fact, Brooks told washingtonpost.com
that he plans to take this honor “somewhere hopefully it hasn’t been
taken before.” So get in touch with all your friends in low places,
because this cowboy might be saddling back up. Brooks said his kids are
his first priority, but “it sure would be fun to fire it up.”

of fire: Pop-country princess Carrie Underwood has a new album coming
out in May, and the cover was released. Frankly, we were Blown Away. The toned and tan star shows off in an intense leg-baring number that easily rivals Angelina Jolie’s Oscar leg.

Underwood is attempting to shirk the “good girl” persona the media has
attached to her, we think this definitely gives her a leg up.

Gazette staff

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