Swan song

Brad Gregg

Perhaps Santorum had a secret weapon that helped get him as far as he did: the First Love Band.

Consisting of Tulsa sisters 20-year-old Camille Harris and 18-year-old Haley Harris,
the band wrote a song, “Game On,” that not only gave Santorum an
endorsement, but a ringing one, at that.

Santorum heard the tune, he tweeted about it and the YouTube video
quickly racked up more than 1 million views. Santorum even gave the
girls a shout-out during his concession speech.

that Santorum is out of the race, the sisters, home-schooled daughters
of a Tulsa pastor, don’t plan on hanging up their microphones and
guitars just yet.

going to support whoever the nominee becomes for the Republican Party. I
don’t know if that means writing another song,” Camille told CFN.

“We’re just really bummed about Santorum being out.”

David Harris, the sisters’ father, was also bummed.

“I spent a good portion of the day crying. I was very emotional about this,” David said.

While the Harrises said
they will be backing any Republican nominee, they are still hoping for a
Romney-Santorum ticket, which might mean a chance to perform at the
Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Fla.

Gazette staff

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