Archie Meets KISS

But who should follow these beasts from another dimension? Why, Gene Simmons and his bandmates, who proclaim, “We’re gonna rock those monsters back where they came from!!” (Double exclamation points theirs.) Therefore, the excellent title of Archie Meets KISS is fulfilled — certainly the greatest team-up in comics history since 1994’s Archie Meets the Punisher. (And before that? Oh, let’s say 1983’s Obnoxio the Clown vs. the X-Men.

Alex Segura’s four-issue story is wonderfully bizarre, if not always wonderful, but Dan Parent nails that Archie look as perfected by the late, beloved Dan DeCarlo.

The ultimate question hovering over this project is “Why?,” because I’m betting most of Archie Comics’ young readers have never heard of the rock group. (For Simmons, however, the answer is easy: $$$.) —Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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