Lil’ unprepared

Credit: Brad Gregg

But the problem, according to a Thunder spokesman, was pretty simple: Lil Wayne didn’t have a ticket. The Thunder contended that the rapper only wanted to sit in the front row, but that no tickets — least of all the Nicholson seats — were still available.

Did Lil Wayne have a special reason for wanting in? According to gossip sites, several weeks earlier he had hooked up with Trina, the hip-hop artist currently dating Thunder guard James Harden. If the Internet rumor mill is to be believed, that episode had prompted hard feelings from Harden (although Harden, along with Kevin Durant, later offered tickets to Wayne).

The final insult? Sitting on the front row of the June 2 Thunder game was none other than American Idol host and all-around milquetoast Ryan Seacrest.

Gazette staff

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