Super sizing

Credit: Brad Gregg

KWTV Channel 9’s Gary England and KFOR-TV Channel
4’s Mike Morgan batted around the usual, tiresome comparisons:
quarter-sized, golf ball-sized, baseball-sized, softball-sized. Yawn.

Morgan briefly livened things by suggesting some of the hail was
grapefruit-sized, but we took a look outside and think he got his
grapefruits and clementines confused.

then KOCO Channel 5 Rick Mitchell upped the stakes by calling the hail
“teacup-sized.” It’s unclear if Rick was referring to hail in Oklahoma
City or in Berwick-upon-Tweed, but the teacups certainly got things
brewing on Twitter:

—“Tea cup size hail? Rick Mitchell is just making stuff up now…” —@lablair

—“Tea cup-size hail is bigger than softball-size hail. It’s also much more likely to watch ‘Downton Abbey.’” —@ElwellEats

—“We’ve just been upgraded to TEA CUP sized hail. If they mention any other tea party related accessories I’m taking cover.” —@theHitmarker

Gazette staff

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