Larry, Moe and Curly

They have finally proven that Republicans in this state are even dumber and more useless than the Democrats.

According to The Oklahoman, 40
percent of taxpayers making under $25,000 a year would have seen their
taxes go up under the Fallin scheme (typical class-warfare by the GOP)
but the real “WTF?” head-shaker was that many families (with several
children) making $70,000-$80,000 would pay an extra $100-$200 a year,
and lose their deductions for church tithes. It’s ironic, says The Oklahoman, “that some of the Republican Party’s strongest supporters may face a tax increase under Republican control of state government.”

54 percent would receive a tax cut averaging $60 a year — a lousy $5 a
month to make life miserable for families with children and the poor.
Republican leadership? Larry, Moe and Curly Mary.

blames “special interests” for torpedoing this criminally stupid
fiasco, but it looks to me like House leaders sobered up just enough to
stagger away from a really dumb idea.

The conservative notion that Oklahoma spends too much on government is just breathtakingly dimwitted.

Oklahoma Council of Pubic Affairs (which advocates slashing higher
education spending by 25 percent) whimpers that state spending is the
highest in history at $16.64 billion (up $2.5 billion since 2007), but
avoids the inconvenient fact that this is entirely due to large
increases in federal grants (also up $2.5 billion since 2007 to $8
billion), most of it welfare-associated.

We would have to increase state and local spending $6.5 billion to reach the national per capita average.

stunning shortfall in spending compared to other states has dreadful
consequences: worst roads in the nation, teacher pay at the bottom of
the barrel, health statistics that resemble Third World cesspools, and
children dying of abuse in unsafe homes. You get what you pay for.

I have some advice for Gov. Fallin:

than fly off — one month into the legislative session for a week-long
vacation at a post resort in Puerto Rico (oops, missed the president),
how ‘bout sticking around at work? Ya might just learn how to do the job
you’re paid to do.

—D.W. “Bill” Tiffee, Norman

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D.W. Tiffee

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