A Bag of Hammers

Jason Ritter (The Perfect Family) and co-writer Jake Sandvig (Easy A) star as best buds Ben and Alan, two con men who make money off a valet-parking scheme. But other than that, they’re really nice guys. The axis of their felonious world shifts when they meet a boy who moves into the neighborhood with his single mom, who is unemployed and barely able to scrape by.

Midway in, Crano throws quite the wrench into the story, which changes everything. A diner-set scene follows in which Ritter delivers an extended monologue that’s fall-to-the-floor heartbreaking. (His father, John, would be proud.)

Containing some famous faces in Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, Gabriel Macht and Sally Kirkland, Hammers is one of the more star-studded efforts on the new-release wall, kiosk or digital queue. —Rod Lott

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Rod Lott

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