Ice, ice baby

Credit: Shannon Cornman

Fantasizing about igloos or spending your free time in the pool will only get you so far.

Maybe you’ve decided to set up camp indoors for the remainder of the summer. While that’s a viable option, at some point you’ll still have to emerge from the confines of your coolish living quarters to face the reality that is Satan’s Den. Besides, your labored A/C unit will appreciate a much-needed chance to step off duty for a little while, and you’ll need the trek to avoid going stir-crazy.

To combat fiery temps and replenish your mental and physical vitality, get a snow cone.

Those ice-capped flavor mounds don’t just cool down the internal temperature, but they also activate pleasure sequences in your brain by way of nostalgia and sugar rushes.

With so many flavor paths to take, where to begin?

“Banana and coconut mixed together. For an adult twist, add some Malibu or 99 Bananas [when you get home],” said local snow cone lover Courtney Couch Foster.

Chef Jonathon Stranger of Ludivine said, “Fuzzy navel. Add cream, too!” Freedom 43 TV Social Correspondent Britnee Bryles chimed in with her favorite, agave, while many folks said they prefer the classics of Silver Fox and Tiger’s Blood.

Credit: Shannon Cornman

 The snow cones that fill your autumnal and wintry dreams have one thing in common: quality ice.

“It is the essential ingredient to a successful snow cone,” said
Mike Patterson, local architect and snow cone enthusiast. “The ice has
to be shaved to a fine granular so the syrup is evenly absorbed.”

stands, those pioneers of pop-up shops, have the equipment necessary to
clip the ice into submission and then reshape it to form the
quintessential summer dome we know and love.

the ice snow cap is too big, it will melt and stick together in clumps.
That can cause part of the summer delight to hit the ground, and
spilled snow cone is something to cry over.

the ice is shaved too finely, then it’s basically like drinking
flavored syrup, which is generally hard to justify if there’s no liquor

But when
it’s just right, the frozen retreat, no matter the flavor, can provide
you with the necessary amount of artillery against the scorching days of
summer. Although you might not be able to claim victory, your plan of
action never tasted so sweet.

Jenn Scott

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