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Instead, he began an art gallery, the recently opened IVC Gallery at 710 N. Broadway. The venue features works by Fuller and seven other resident artists, all but one of whom is local.

The IVC houses an eclectic and interesting collection, which Fuller attributes to its artists’ diversity.

“Every artist is very distinctly unique, which is the reason I chose them the way I did,” he said. “[There is] a range of very different genres and very different styles.”

Black-and-white paintings of pop-culture icons like Rihanna hang alongside works of vividly colored surrealism, while a nearby shelf holds a trio of rabbit sculptures crafted with incredible detail and amusingly long ears. Fuller’s photography features landscape and nature shots that have been double-exposed.

In addition to the resident artists, IVC invites a monthly guest; this month, it’s painter Michael Walters. The space also sports a studio, where visitors can observe artists at work.

A spacious back patio serves as a stage for live music to take place the second Saturday of every month.

Sarah Lobban

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