Bloat and potential scandal

The OK
Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents Program has a long list of
qualifying factors for the successful bidder that doesn’t include such
things as national recognition of workers, programs or training — but
does include a number of established factors, including an already
existing relationship with the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

there is $1,500 a year per child plus other “appropriate assistance” at
stake here in one of the most incarceration-inclined states in the
nation, this may add up to real money. Since this is a new program with
no new taxes to cover it, other underfunded programs will probably be
shorted further.

Republican/tea party coalition came into power talking about how much
they were going to change things. The greatest observable change is the
bloat in the size of the problems and the potential for scandal.

—Clinton Wiles, Oklahoma City

Clinton Wiles

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