Fetus fetish

Credit: Brad Gregg

 That includes a measure requiring that women get an
ultrasound before an abortion and have the images described to them.
That bill was struck down as unconstitutional, but that ruling is being
appealed by state Attorney General Scott Pruitt. “Every year, we look to
Oklahoma to see what unfortunate, harmful thing they are going to
propose next, and we rarely get to take a breath in Oklahoma,” CRR
advocacy counsel Jordan Goldberg told the Tulsa World.

sounds like a dare to us. So listen up, all ye pro-life lawmakers: Are
you up for the challenge? You’ve already mandated that a woman seeking
an abortion first look at an ultrasound of the fetus, and you’ve pushed
for them to hear the heartbeat. Why not also force them to watch Barney & Friends with the fetus?

Gazette staff

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