Packed parking

quiet nights, 12 to 18 of the 31 residential parking spaces are
occupied with cars belonging to the residents. On Cafe Nova party
nights, all 31 spaces are full before 8 p.m. Residents who come home
after the party starts end up forced to park halfway to Shartel.

N.W. 42nd west of Western suffers many of the same concerns, and actually tends to have more residential on-street parking.

can appreciate new business, and I’m all for growth and expansion, but
that expansion must be done responsibly and without negative impact to
the surrounding neighborhood. I’m sure there is research that will
determine how many parking spaces are needed for any given occupancy.
Just as simple parking lots cannot be approved unless they include a
water run-off management plan, businesses should not be approved without
a responsible parking management plan.

—Justin Howe, Oklahoma City

Justin Howe

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