Gored to death

Credit: Brad Gregg

Vidal was the maternal grandson of Thomas Pryor Gore, the blind Democratic U.S. senator from Oklahoma. One of the state’s first two senators, he is buried at Fairlawn Cemetery in Oklahoma City. All that is kind and good.

What’s not was Vidal’s friendship with Timothy McVeigh — yes, the Murrah Federal Building bomber. According to The Huffington Post, the two struck up a mutual admiration after Vidal wrote a 1998 article for Vanity Fair about “the shredding” of the Bill of Rights. (Strange, we had McVeigh pegged as more of a Soldier of Fortune reader.)

very intelligent,” Vidal said of McVeigh in a 2001 interview. “He’s not
insane,” as if the killing of 168 people is an act of sound mind.

a good thing Vidal won’t be buried alongside his grandfather in the
405. If he were, CFN could see a lot of OKC residents leaving something
other than flowers on that grave.

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