Best art gallery


2920 Paseo There are more art galleries in the historic Paseo Arts District than you have fingers and toes, but Karen L. Orr’s Paseo Originals Art Gallery is the largest. Not that size matters when it comes to galleries — just the beauty of the booty. For example, drop in now through Sept. 2 for The Mind’s Eye, a visionary exhibit by Brett McDanel and Jan Brieschke. 2. iao gallery, 706 W. Sheridan 3. dna galleries, 1705 N.W. 16th Worth mentioning: JRB Art at the Elms, Istvan Gallery

Best museum


415 Couch Visitors to Oklahoma City Museum of Art can’t help but be wowed: Having a three-story glass sculpture tends to do that. And that’s just the lobby! Currently celebrating its first decade downtown, OKCMOA offers not only awe-inspiring exhibitions, but independent films, art classes for kids, rooftop cocktails not for kids, a scrumptious restaurant and more. When the zombies attack, we’re headed here. 2. national Cowboy & Western heritage museum, 1700 N.E. 63rd 3. Science museum oklahoma, 2100 N.E. 52nd Worth mentioning: Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Oklahoma History Center

Best fine jewelry


several metro locations Amid OKC’s jewelry offerings, Gazette readers conclude that one shines brighter. And that doesn’t even

include the store’s venerable Christmasseason jingle, which, for our money, is at least as good an Xmas tune as anything Burl Ives ever did. From diamonds to fine china, Oklahoma’s oldest jewelry store delivers great quality and service to its customers. 2. Samuel gordon Jewelers, 5521 N. Penn 3. mitchener-Farrand, 2844 W. Wilshire Worth mentioning: Naifeh Fine Jewelry, Brockhaus Jewelry

Best vintage, thrift or resale store


1759 N.W. 16th Where can you find a toaster, bowling shoes and Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” on vinyl? What about Dia de los Muertos figurines and a cashmere trench coat? Hours slip by while browsing booths filled with vintage, retro, one-of-akind and truly bizarre goods from the city’s best curators. Why can’t my granny be as cool as Bad Granny? 2. Uptown thrift, 2215 S.W. 74th; 7513 S.E. 15th, Midwest City 3. daisy exchange, 5911 Northwest Expressway; 2741 S. Service Road, Moore Worth mentioning: RetrOKC, Nearly New Shoppe, Bohemian Spirit Vintage

Best men’s clothier


7518 N. May For the swag-seeking gentleman, Gazette readers point the way toward Blue Seven, a locally owned boutique that understandably bills itself as “kind of hard to fit into a box.” The shop carries an eclectic assortment of clothing, jewelry and the like, sure to please dudes and dandies.

2. mr. ooley’s, 1901 Northwest Expressway 3. gQ Fashions Fine menswear and more, 3525 N.W. 23rd Worth mentioning: Spencer Stone Company, S.J. Haggard & Company

2. Balliets, 5801 N.W. Grand 3. lucca Fashion Boutique, 14101 N. May Worth mentioning: On a Whim, Warpaint Clothing, Ten14 A Boutique

Best women’s clothing boutique


7518 N. May No
stranger to the “Best of OKC” winners’ circle, this contemporary gift
and clothing shop has made a name for itself in the heart of Oklahoma
City. Whether you’re on the hunt for a pair of raw-denim jeans (as well
as details on how to care for them) to the oddest wine-bottle topper to
jewelry pieces designed or made by local artists, Blue Seven is the hub
for all things of this nature.

Best place to find the perfect gift


5850 N. Classen Blvd. The
quest for the perfect gift — something unique, practical and
sophisticated — continues to baffle many of us. Fortunately, On a Whim,
open since 1998, is here to help. You can find toys for a niece’s
birthday, designer clothes for the fashionista in your life, elegant
dinnerware perfect for a wedding and much more. 2. Blue Seven, 7518 N. May 3. Collected thread, 1705 N.W. 16th Worth mentioning: DNA Galleries, Shop Good

Best place to help you beautify your outdoor space 


105 W. Memorial; 8208 Northwest Expressway For Gazette green
thumbers, TLC is the preferred place for help with your gardening
needs, no matter the season. Living up to its mission to bring plants
and people together in an environment where both are happy and
successful, the store proves that, yes, we do all need a little TLC (and
we don’t mean the music trio). 2. horn Seed Company, 1409 Northwest Expressway 3. Under the Sun, 25 W. 33rd and 400 S. Bryant, Edmond Worth mentioning: Marcum’s Nursery, Tony’s Tree Plantation

Best place for continuing education


With so many courses to choose from, it’s no wonder that — spoiler alert: OSU loyalists might want to

skip to the next category — OU is Gazette readers’
No. 1 place for continuing education. Take courses for credit, or not,
and get in the know on everything from aviation to social work. The
Sooner we put on our thinking caps (get it?), the quicker we’ll learn. 2. University of Central oklahoma 3. oklahoma State University Worth mentioning: Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City University

Best yoga, pilates, martial arts or fitness center


several metro locations Since
2007, the YMCA of Oklahoma has reigned supreme in the category of
fitness centers. After all, there aren’t many places you can go for a swimming pool, martial arts classes, a sailing class sign-up or a
variety of other wellness-based classes. What’s even better is that
there are more than 10 metro locations, making the YMCA accessible for
everyone. 2. yoga at tiffany’s, 9610 N.

May 3. Cadence yoga, 801 N. Hudson Worth mentioning: Ashtanga Yoga, M+ Yoga

Best place for a pedicure on your lunch hour


14101 N. May So,
your OKCupid crush finally initiated some face time … tonight! Too bad
your toes look like a case study presented in a Lamisil commercial. You
could tend to these hygienic needs
yourself, but why not pay someone else to tame those claws? Don’t be
embarrassed: The technicians at Hawaii Spa & Nail have seen it all. 2. hair and nail Salon, 2800 N.W. 63rd 3. Super nails, 1211 N. Broadway, Moore Worth mentioning: Polished Nail Salon, San Francisco Nail

Best pet care or supplies


805 W. Covell, edmond This
full-service facility offers a bevy of services, ranging from basic
veterinary treatment and grooming to a presidential suite with a
fireplace, bedtime rubdown and pet-friendly movie. Heck, that sounds
pretty terrific: When can we check in? 2. Classen view veterinary Clinic, 2301 N. Classen Blvd.

3. Chasin’ tail, 1714 N.W. 16th Worth mentioning: A1 Pet Emporium, Swaim Serum Company & Pet Wellness Clinic

Best place to improve your eyesight


several metro locations Among
the largest ophthalmology institutes in the U.S., the Dean McGee Eye
Institute long has been a national leader in vision care and research.
It is also one of the few institutes in the Southwest or Midwest to
offer a comprehensive spectrum of eye care. No wonder the DMEI has more
than 150,000 patient visits each year. 2. midtown optical, 1106 Classen Drive 3. Black optical, 5820 N. Classen Blvd. Worth mentioning: TSO; Dr. Kurt D. Weir

Best place to buy sports equipment, gear or clothing


5800 N. Classen Blvd. For
those planning to get their sport on, Red Coyote Running and Fitness
has what you need. But don’t take our word for it: Red Coyote — founded
by running enthusias

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