Forbidden love

Credit: Brad Gregg

It’s fair to say the love story of Ernest W. Marland and Lydie Roberts could have given Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn a run for their money in the department of the thoroughly icky.

The Weinstein Company is set to make Ends of the Earth, a film dramatizing the tale of Marland and his niece-turned-daughter-turned-wife, with The Hunger Games hottie Jennifer Lawrence in negotiations for the role of Lydie.

story is certainly an intriguing one. Marland, an oil tycoon who served
as governor during the Great Depression, had adopted Lydie when she was
17. Several years later, he had that adoption annulled so they could

As if the
likely casting of Lawrence wasn’t enough indication, the Marland tale is
slated to receive major-league treatment. The screenplay is by Chris
Terrio, who also penned Argo, Ben Affleck’s next directorial
outing and already bandied about as an Academy Award contender, although
it’s not scheduled to open until October.

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