Stupendous sushi

only was it a sushi bar, it was — and is today — a really good sushi
bar, and we’ve eaten lots of sushi in a lot of different places,
including many in Japan.

I was, frankly, shocked to see
Tokyo come in third in this year’s ”Best of OKC.” Sushi Neko usually
gets No. 1 and, to be fair, I can understand its appeal. I will admit
and even applaud the fact that Neko serves good sushi, but I find flashy
atmosphere a detraction from the sacred sushi experience. But In the
Raw Sushi? It is a chain, for heaven’s sake!

lacks the flash of the other two places. It is just a great family-style
restaurant that flies under the radar. The important factor is that it
has employed the same chef for the last 25 years. In sushi, this kind of
thing really matters. The guy is an artist who pays close attention to
his craft. I’ve watched him work.

Sushi eaters of OKC, get a grip and go to Tokyo.

—Mack Paul, Norman

Editor’s note: In the Raw Sushi is an Oklahoma-based chain and, therefore. was eligible for Oklahoma Gazette’s “Best of OKC.”

Mack Paul

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