Cheaper than therapy

Credit: Brad Gregg

YouPurge offers itself as an alternative for those who are sick of seeking gossip solace by visiting Internet chat sites. You get the same relief of unburdening your mind in anonymity without all the A/S/L propositions and dick pics.

So go ahead: Call the number on YouPurge’s homepage and rant about your bitchy mother-in-law! Rail against that dadgum Obama! Spill the beans on where you buried the bodies! You’re secure in the knowledge that YouPurge doesn’t record any of its conversations.

Chicken-Fried News wants to know just one thing:

Who purges the purgers? We’re willing to bet the YouPurge conversationalists, after spending hours marinating in the callers’ sordid drama, become their own best customers.

Clifton Adcock

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