Gold in them thar dome?

Credit: Brad Gregg

Built as a bank in 1958, the building was saved from destruction once before by its former owner in the 1990s after public protests. The dome
has lost a number of its tenants in the past few years, including the
Prohibition Room restaurant and bar.

Bank 7 officials plan to hold a foreclosure sale on the property on
Sept. 13, but Gold Dome owner Dr. Irene Lam told the paper that new
tenants will be moving in soon and she hopes to have the sale canceled.

however, is delinquent on paying property taxes on the site, owing
nearly $50,000 for the past two years’ assessments, according to The Oklahoman. City planners expressed doubts in the article about how the Gold Dome would function as something besides a bank.

Chicken-Fried News hopes the unusual building is actually the top of a buried spacecraft, à la the regrettable Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and
that upon being sold at auction, it blasts back to the Zeta Reticuli
system, leaving a crowd of bankers, city officials, reporters and others
staring upward in gobsmacked silence.

But we’ll settle for the new owner slapping on a new coat of gold paint.

Gazette staff

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