Tucker up

A Good Egg (AGE) Dining Group’s popular burger joint will have twice the seating capacity of the original location on N.W. 23rd.

Keith Paul, co-founder and co-owner of AGE, said he’s been happy with the success of the group’s Republic Gastropub in Classen Curve and thought the location would be perfect for another Tucker’s.

“We needed a place a sufficient distance from the original location, and we looked at this area, both because of our success with Republic and because the area is very similar in terms of businesses to the original location’s area,” Paul said.

Tucker’s will be the sixth eatery on the Curve. Paul said “the more the merrier” was the appropriate attitude for growth in the area.

The menu at the news eatery will be the same as the original: onion burgers, turkey onion burgers, hand-cut french fries, salad and shakes. Paul said the focused menu allows the restaurant to guarantee high quality. The 100-percent, all-natural Angus beef is sourced from Creekstone Farms in southern Kansas. The buns are produced locally by Prairie Thunder Baking Company.

“I think this area is starved for a good value meal, and we offer a very good meal for $9,” said Paul.

Greg Horton

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