In praise of ‘Thunderstruck’

Thunderstruck was
a nice and refreshing film. We don’t have enough movies that are clean.
I have three grown boys and have seen lots of fast-paced, actionpacked
movies and have enjoyed them.

Most movies include foul language, drugs, violent crime and sex. This one is funny and wholesome.

kid’s comment in the review about the coach didn’t make sense. Of
course the coaching in a comedy isn’t going to be like a real-life
coach. The coaches were silly and that’s why the movie was funny.

enjoyed seeing Kevin Durant’s moth er in the movie. I hope to see both
of them in other movies. Durant was great. When I watched the movie, the
theater was packed. Throughout the movie, lots of people cheered and
clapped for him. I recommend Thunderstruck for all ages who can enjoy all types of movies, and not only PG-13 and R-rated ones.

—Rosemary Stafford, Oklahoma City

Rosemary Stafford

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