Tishomingo blues

Credit: Brad Gregg

On Sept. 18, the platinum-selling singer-songwriter posted,
“If you live in Tishomingo Ok., our dog Loretta has been missing for 2
days. She is a small black lab. She has a pink collar w a tag.”

longtime champion of our four-legged friends, Lambert started the
nonprofit MuttNation, which raises funds for animal shelters, adoption
campaigns and rescue programs. Her annual concert, “Cause for the Paws,”
held in her home state of Texas, benefits the organization.

Lambert’s husband, some guy from Ada named Blake, also performs at the event.

Loretta, Lambert tweeted, “She is very friendly. If u see her, please
call the number on her tag. We are praying she comes home soon.”

Keep your eyes open, Johnston County.

We replied to her tweet: “idek where your dog is he is so cute tho. you have pretty hair <3.”

No reply from Lambert yet, but we know she’ll blow up our favstar soon.

Gazette staff

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