Olivia Munn vs. Groupon

Credit: Brad Gregg

We’re sad to see that actress Olivia Munn, like so many Oklahomans who move away, has apparently forgotten her Bible. Because she has joined People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals in asking Groupon to stop partnering with circuses that use
animals, implying that it’s not our God-given right to make seals
balance colorful balls on their noses.

Munn hates circuses almost as much as TV critics hate her HBO series, The Newsroom. In
a letter to Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, she says that when they are
bought by circuses, “baby elephants are torn away from their mothers,
tied down, electro-shocked, and beaten into submission in order to force
them to perform ridiculous tricks, just to give audiences a cheap

We agree:
Elephants should never be given electro-shock, no matter how insolently
they refuse to practice their choreography! We’re not sure why she calls
the audience thrills “cheap,” however. Circus tickets can set you back
quite a bit, especially those French ones. And the price of kettle corn
is a scandal.

We may
need to boycott Groupon until they do the right thing and demand
affordable concessions from their circus partners. Your move, Andrew

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