Sauced and inked

Credit: Brad Gregg

your everyday vocab consists of words like “complex, dry and spicy,”
and it has nothing to do with your love life, there’s a good chance,
dear “wine enthusiast,” that you are, in fact, a lush.

for you, Urban Wineworks, Plaza District’s proud little winery, would
like to celebrate with you. And we know you’re a sucker for a
celebration, since it surely includes the nectar of the vine.

worth good wine comes at a price, however. In this case, Urban
Wineworks will only celebrate if you join its tattoo perks program. No,
this isn’t a wine club sign-up that delivers bottles of obscure wine
from the south of France. It’s better, because you won’t have to wait
for shipment.

All it takes is a lifetime commitment.

right: Get a tattoo of the Urban Wineworks logo in an area of the body
that’s “appropriate to show,” and you’ll receive two free bottles of
wine a month, plus invites to VIP events, for a full year.

What are you waiting for? Let’s toast your new tat.

Gazette staff

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