Guitar, picked

Credit: Brad Gregg

A week before Thanksgiving, the singer-songwriter’s Shawnee home was broken into, and the thief — or thieves — took two of her prized possessions: her guitars. We at Chicken-Fried News don’t speak guitarese, but according to her publicist, one was “a Martin 00-15 acoustic with Rare Earth pickups,” while the other was a “red Fender Jag-Stang with the strap stuck on with leopard print duct tape.”

“I’ve had that Martin for so long now and it’s just become an extension of me almost — a limb even!” Crain said. “I’ve written all of my albums on that guitar, and it will be very sad if I never see it again.”

CFN hereby puts out an APB for axes matching that description. On Feb. 19, however, her sad face will turn into a Kid Face. That’s the name of her new album, dropping that day. We hope she finds her limbs — er, guitars — soon.

Gazette staff

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