Thou shalt not troll

Credit: Brad Gregg

Members of the anti-abortion group, who describe themselves as modern-day abolitionists, took issue with the fact that a
portion of the church’s donations go to Planned Parenthood (which,
incidentally, does not provide abortions in Oklahoma). Mayflower lists
23 other organizations that receive church funds, including food banks
and homeless shelters.

figures, including state Attorney General Scott Pruitt, have likened
the anti-abortion crusade to the 19th-century quest to abolish slavery.

to the Abolitionist Society website: “We strive to provoke a clash of
absolutes between the Gospel of Christ and the worldly wisdom of man.”

In other words, they’re trolling.

Some Mayflower attendees responded with “angry words” and others decided not to feed the trolls, saying only “God bless you.”

Mayflower parishioner got on the group’s Facebook page to
passive-aggressively “thank” the protesters for reminding the church of
the meaning of “turn the other cheek.” The group then accused Mayflower
of having a martyr complex.

Love, bursting at the seams.

Gazette staff

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