OKG7 recent restaurants you still need to try

15 N. Robinson

breakfast or brunch, try the lemon ricotta pancakes with papaya
chutney, or bagel and cured salmon with capers, onions, tomatoes, lemon,
cream cheese and chopped eggs. For lunch or dinner, grab the Thai beef
salad, complete with soba (Japanese noodles made from buckwheat). The
duck tacos with mango relish will rock your taste buds, and don’t miss
the pan-seared scallops, with a celery root and pistachio purée and
cranberry reduction.

760 N. Interstate Drive, Norman

off with the Queso Compuesto, with seasoned ground sirloin, guacamole
and pico de gallo. Get one of the famous “Big As Yo’ Face” burritos with
beans only, ground sirloin, oven-roasted chicken or fajita meat. The
Chuychanga is a house specialty that comes with chicken and all the
traditional fixings, as well as cilantro and green chiles. Eating light?
Opt for the Chuy’s Lite Plate with one taco, guacamole and queso.

The Ceviche House
5805 N.W. 50th

for Peruvian cuisine? The Ceviche House serves it with a gourmet twist,
tucked unassumingly in a strip mall. The walls are colorful, the music
lively and the smell alone is enough to draw you in. Start with botana
(grilled peppers, onions, potatoes, avocados and tomatoes). Order the
chef-recommended ceviche al pescado, a platter of fresh and flavorful
fish marinated in lime juice, or the mejillones al pico, mussels with
pico de gallo.

Taste of Egypt
3604 N. May

a taste of Egyptian cuisine. Try the hearty stewed vegetables or the
couscous dish, piled high with garbanzo beans, zucchini, carrots and
stewed tomatoes. The pork and lamb dishes are fresh and sourced locally.
Finish off your feast with fetter, a traditional Egyptian dessert. It’s
buffet-only here on Lamb Day (Friday) and Cultural Day (Saturday),
boasting foods from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

2262 W. Main, Norman

farm-to-fork concept is tucked in the Normandy Creek Shopping Center at
24th Avenue and W. Main in Norman. Chef Ryan Parrott developed a fresh
and innovative menu for the restaurant, which includes an open kitchen,
patio, bar and retail space for meals on-the-go. There is a fantastic
area just for the little ones, with a nursery, movie cave, reading
space, playhouses and more. Like it on Facebook to get updates on
frequent specials.

Clay Pot Thai Fusion
2903 N.W. 36th

spot recently reopened with a completely new menu that fuses American
and Thai cuisines. Start with the Doty Tacos, fried wontons filled with
slaw and teriyaki-marinated chicken glazed in a honey-balsamic
vinaigrette. Keep it light with a kung pao chicken wrap that’s full of
chicken, almonds, cranberries and sprouts with a green curry aïoli, all
in a spinach wrap. Craving something more exotic? Get the curried
lobster salad sandwich.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
208 Johnny Bench Drive

along the always-happening Bricktown canal, this spot is perfect for
people-watching and drink-imbibing, as well as enjoying a delicious taco
dinner. The baja tacos are filled with your choice of fish, shrimp,
beef, chicken, pork or veggies, then topped with lettuce, tomatoes and
cheese. Order them regular or habanero-hot, soft or crispy. It’s a
stone’s throw away from the Harkins Theatre, so it’s great for pre- or
post-movie relaxation.

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

Jenn Scott

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