The biebz knees

Credit: Brad Gregg

Given that the 18-year-old pop star is single now — there, there, Selena Gomez, let us dry your tears — hopeful Mrs. Biebers in the 405 already may be enacting grand plans for ornate “MARRY ME” placards. (Attention, Hobby Lobby stores: Double, if not triple, your stock of glitter and pink paint pens, pronto.)

We suspect tickets to the Biebz show may show up in the stuffed stockings of OKC girls (and a few boys). The luckiest among them — read: those with loaded and/or easily manipulated parents — also may get “VIP packages” that include a meet-and-greet with the Biebernator himself.

At Chicken-Fried News we’re not fans of the boy — he’s tomorrow’s David Cassidy, today — but 31 million Twitter followers can’t possibly be wrong, can they?

Gazette staff

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