Citizen Fred — Citizen Fred

After several listens, I’m still trying to process the idea behind it: Is the Oklahoma City act a joke band? Is it ironic art? Is it music to pump iron to? Or am I just overthinking it?

Several songs are wonderfully hard-charged aggro-rockers that make you want to drive your beat-up ’Vette 110 miles per hour down I-35 with the headlights off and while high on bath salts. Meanwhile, darker, scowling, get-out-of-my-way-MFer tunes like “Mile Marker One” and “Badlands” make me want to punch the cop who inevitably pulls me over.

The standout, however, is the acoustic “Black Crow,” an evil little number that should have Nick Cave turning in his murder-ballad card. One wishes Citizen Fred would record a whole album in this style, but only God knows what trail of dead would left behind if that were to happen. —Louis Fowler

Louis Fowler

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