Dirty Red & the Soulshakers — Soul Shakin’

Opening with the innuendo-laden “Cornbread,” which makes you want to sop up all forms of sexual beans and greens, lead singer Eric “Dirty Red” McDaniel’s powerfully soul-drenched vocals and funky harmonica immediately let you know you’re in for a long, sweaty night. The pure, rolling thunder of “Shotgun,” with its impressionable refrain of “My shotgun makes me feel like a man!” is a rifle butt of bastardly bad-ass straight to the back of the skull. It’s all carry, no conceal.

That’s not to say that the Oklahoma City guys don’t have a softer side, too. The sultry “Queen of New Orleans” will have the ladies dabbing their chests with a damp washcloth, while “Hard Liquor” will have you reaching for the nearest, cheapest bottle of bourbon while reminiscing about your life’s mistakes.

Oh, my God — I think I finally just “got” the blues! Looks like The Smiths are going to have some competition on my iPod! —Louis Fowler

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Louis Fowler

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