…Went the trolley

Metro Transit gradually unveiled the 30-foot buses, with a total of 12 now on the streets. They are replacing the historic Downtown Spirit Trolleys due to manufacturing complications, according to Metro Transit spokesman Michael Scroggins.

The buses, which are white with a green illustration of the downtown skyline adorning both sides, are free to downtown visitors, workers and residents.

Among the notable destinations on its route are Bricktown, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, the arts district, downtown transit center and the boathouse district.

Metro Transit anticipates that more than 85,000 people will use the buses annually, Scroggins said.

The new vehicles are much more passenger- and environmentally friendly than were the 13-year-old trolleys. Metro Transit officials said the buses are more fuel-efficient and have a cleaner emission system that is on par with their hybrid vehicles.

The buses are also lower to the ground and are equipped with a wheelchair ramp, padded seats and bike racks.

They run year-round from roughly 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, depending on the season, and will have enhanced air conditioning for those smoldering Oklahoma summers.

“Their primary purpose is to circulate the people who are down here for business, recreation and entertainment,” Scroggins said. “We see it as a way to minimize congestion in the downtown area as well as provide transportation options for our visitors.”

For more information, call 235- 7433 or visit gometro.org.

Rachael Cervenka

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