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Credit: Brad Gregg

to a recent Gallup survey, however, we’re is the nation’s sixth most
conservative state, with a little more than 47 percent of Oklahomans
describing their ideology as such. The Sooner State ranks behind — in
descending order — Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi and Utah.

sixth is certainly nothing to sneeze at, the showing has got to be a
bit galling to the state’s right-minded right-wingers. All our statewide
officeholders and congressional delegation are Republican; the Ten
Commandments adorn the State Capitol lawn; everyone has guns; and the
last Democratic presidential candidate to win the state was Lyndon
Johnson back in 1964.

more do we gotta do, people, to get to No. 1? Make Sally Kern poet
laureate? Ban the evolution of pro-choice same-sex stem cells?

Gazette staff

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