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Credit: Brad Gregg

often find myself screaming or laughing,” Rancho told Chicken-Fried
News. “I used to fire off various rants on Facebook that, while
satisfying, didn’t endear myself to friends and non-friends.”

he lost his Facebook outlet — and an ugly bout of defriending — he was
tumbling about on when he had an epiphany. Or a GIFphany, if
you will.

“[I] saw
various bloggers using GIFs to illustrate various perspectives and
perversions. I saw a few that reflected their respective locales and
thought Oklahoma City deserved its own,” he said. “A big-time city
deserves a bigtime tumblr.”

already weighed in on things like local legislators’ response to
Obamacare, the views atop the Devon tower and the “retirement” of
Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon.

“Say or do something stupid and I will find you,” Rancho vowed. “This is especially true if you are any position of power.”

You heard it, OKC. In the meantime, prepare to guffaw. Or GIFfaw, if you will.

Gazette staff

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