What about Bob (Jones)?

Credit: Brad Gregg

Bob Jones University, you might recall, earned international fame in 2000 when its 73-year history of forbidding interracial dating came to an end. The South Carolina university is known for its biblical literalism and strict student morality codes.

As such, a school that unironi cally refers to itself as
BJU is an outspoken opponent of homosexuality. In fact, Chancellor Bob
Jones III distinguished himself as a staunch biblical literalist when he
recommended that gays and lesbians be stoned to death, in keeping with
the Bible’s commandment.

of now, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students simply are
expelled if they engage in nonhetero intercourse. We don’t know if Green
was aware of the university’s policies prior to his visit, nor do we
know how BJU feels about the Affordable Care Act’s birth-control mandate
that has so rankled Hobby Lobby (although CFN can make a guess). A
representative for the school said Green’s speech has not been made
available in digital or analog format.

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