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But we might not be able to do that much longer.

House Bill 1060, authored by state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, easily won House approval last week. It seeks to prohibit the application of foreign law when the aforementioned violates the Constitution.

In response to the measure’s passage, dissenting Rep. Emily Virgin, D-Norman, posted on her Facebook page: “I’d just like to let you all know that when I was questioning Rep. Sally Kern on her revised Shariah law bill, she answered one of the questions by stating, ‘Well now you’re being ridiculous.’ My response: Don’t propose ridiculous bills.”

Of course, sometimes there’s plenty of ridiculous to go
around. In 2010, Oklahomans overwhelmingly approved a state question
that would have banned courts in the state from considering Sharia Law,
although it was later struck down by a federal appeals court.

Kern said she thinks her bill passes legal muster, since its language is more general than that used in previous efforts.

“If this bill becomes law, the will of the people will finally be acknowledged,” she said.

And here we were, thinking we could just use any ol’ law that would suit our purposes. Hmmm … maybe what’s legal in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. The law is so confusing!

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