SXSW 2013: Paperscissor

It was remarkably easy to find The
Buffalo Lounge’s new digs at The 512, as the venue sits even closer to
the center of the action on Sixth than the old location of Friends Bar

The location of the venue isn’t the only thing to laud: The new two-floor setup delivered as advertised.

The upstairs and downstairs were distinct enough that activities from one didn’t interfere with the other. This was clear as soon as I walked in toward the end of the last day sets on Tuesday: The downstairs sound and upstairs sound had nothing in common but the name on the door.

Since I had lost time with the oil change, I said hello to some Oklahoma musicians and got some dinner before catching the evening sets. I had a fascinating conversation with Colourmusic’s Ryan Hendrix about the future of digital music before stepping into Paperscissor’s set.

Photo: Stephen Carradini

The band’s heavy rock boomed out of the upstairs loft area, drawing me in. The highlight of the set came as the group emphatically pounded out the final crescendo of its final song; the lead guitarist was so into the number that he rolled off the low stage and flailed around on the ground while finishing the tune.

I’m down with any band that moves the stage into the audience (like Deerpeople), so I was thrilled. The showmanship, along with the rock, left an impression. —Stephen Carradini

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Stephen Carradini

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