Puttin’ on the Switz

Illustration: Brad Gregg

But as it turns out, Switzer is quite fond of his outerwear, which he’s had for more than 40 years. And not only was it stylish, but tremendously practical … well, for the human wearing it, at least.

“When the weather’s cold and it’s 20 degrees and the wind chill’s 17, I might wear it, because it keeps me warm,” Switzer told Chicken-Fried News.

coat is not to be confused with the one that former OU quarterback
Jamelle Holieway used to sport on the sidelines. According to Switzer,
Holieway’s was beaver. Coach’s? Coyote.

famed ex-OU coach (and his coat) even made an appearance in the team’s
“Harlem Shake” (wannabe-viral) video shot that same day, although
Switzer adopted his own nomenclature for the meme.

“We did the Harlem Shake, but I called it the ‘Harlem Shuffle,’” Switzer said. “Because I’m old-school.”

Oh, you don’t have to tell us, Barry.

were convinced with just one look at that fine rug. It looks like the
one a buck-nekkid Burt Reynolds reclined upon in his 1972 Cosmopolitan centerfold.

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