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Claiming authority from a long-dead scientist is nonsense. Louis Pasteur was a great scientist in large part because of his commitment to methodological naturalism. He rejected religious supernatural explanations for natural phenomena. Pasteur disproved spontaneous generation, the idea that organisms appear fully formed.

What he disproved was special creationism, not evolution. Furthermore, there is no “law” of abiogenesis. It is a modern term having nothing to do with the work of Pasteur or evolution.

Rational people cry foul when legislation like House Bill 1674, the Science Education and Academic Freedom Act, is proposed, because it is obviously religiously motivated. The bill was copied, almost verbatim, from a model bill floated annually in many states, written by the Discovery Institute, a creationist propaganda organization. It would protect teachers from disciplinary action for presenting objectively false, unscientific claims in public school science classes.

Fortunately, HB 1674 is dead for this legislative season. It was a dishonest attempt to permit a narrow sectarian religious agenda in public school science classes.

Evolutionary scientists have nothing to fear from the false claims of creationists. Yes, indeed, we should all “keep out an ever-watchful eye” for misguided attempts to compromise science education and vigorously oppose them.

—David Grow

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David Grow

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