Not-so-modest proposal

Tester’s unconventional question-poppin’ to now-fiancée K.K Filkins on March 16 wasn’t in public, per se — it was on the rooftop of the Bossa Nova Bar — but it sure went viral.

Given Tester’s passion for video, he and some friends wrote their own post-proposal song to the tune of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”: “I’m gonna pop that ring / Taking that baby girl off the market.” You get the idea. Or better yet, YouTube it.

Mere minutes after the ceremonial “Marry me?,” Tester, Filkins and friends became stars in the do-it-yourself music video that has earned the couple national media attention.

They also have high hopes to be on The Ellen Show. But who doesn’t? We suggest they solicit some help from an Ellen guest alum, like, say, Mayor Mick Cornett.

The two will tie the knot later this month on a penthouse patio overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

“There will definitely be a follow-up video. You kidding me?” Tester said. “I wouldn’t waste that Vegas view!”

Gazette staff

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