Gunning for freedom

Credit: Brad Gregg

Turns out, the thought of a sweet kindergarten teacher suddenly morphing into Kindergarten Cop isn’t such a realistic prospect after all.

The decision comes at the recommendation of the Oklahoma Commission on School Safety, a group of law enforcement officers, mental health officials, teachers, parents and first responders. Their opposition, of course, runs counter to the notion that more guns in schools would provide a safer learning environment for kiddos.

the possible scenario of gun-toting teachers is alive — and gaining
traction — in the realm of private schools, which aren’t beholden to the
tyranny and oppression so often imposed by government.

full Senate is slated to vote on HB 1622, which would allow those who
are licensed to carry to pack heat in the classroom at the discretion of
each private institution. Its author, state Rep. Sally Kern, R-
Oklahoma City, said it comes down to a matter of freedom.

“The key issue is, this is private property, and should they have even been regulated in the first place?” Kern said.

Because, well … America.

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