Millennial mecca

Young adults, rejoice! According to a recent study by The Business Journals, you are good at picking a place to live.

The study — which ranked all 102 major U.S. markets according to private-sector employment growth, cost of living and other economic factors — determined that Oklahoma City is the seventh best place for the coveted 18-34 age demographic to call home.

Only three cities in the South managed higher rankings: Durham, N.C.; Houston; and Austin, Texas, which placed first overall. Tulsa placed 37th.

Good job, Oklahoma! No, really. We have good jobs.

The metro has long been considered “recession-proof,” with an unemployment rate consistently among the lowest in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, OKC had an unemployment rate of 4.9 percent — nearly three percentage points lower than the national average — in February.

Unfortunately, the Business Journals’ study failed to take the success rate of local NBA franchises into account.

But if they did, we could definitely see OKC “Serge-ing” to the top. Get it? Fortunately, pun success rates weren’t included, either.

Gazette staff

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