This Girl Is Badass

But how much more badass might she be if her stunts were rooted in reality? For example, Jackie Chan can do — or could do — most of the things we saw him do in his movies; the blooper-ridden end credits attest to that. But from the start, Jukkalan’s tricks are aided by, well, tricks of the camera and gravity and other natural laws.

I’m not saying Yanin doesn’t possess amazing athleticism; she obviously does. I just wish director Petchtai Wongkamlao had trusted her God-given abilities and left sped-up film, wires and whatnot at the editing bay door.

Same goes for the Thai actioner’s unrelenting attempt at comedy with a cast of freaks and geeks. None of it translates well, and it’s all over the place (in both senses), making Yanin a supporting player in her own vehicle. That vehicle, virtually shorn of story, isn’t worth a single ride. For a better action flick also about a bike messenger, watch Premium Rush. —Rod Lott

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Rod Lott

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