Another Round — Just Walk Away

Norman band Another Round’s latest album, Just Walk Away, could be used on the next five National Guard ads, and in no way do I mean that as an insult. When I see those commercials, I admit to rocking out and all but walking out to sign up and defend my country.

With impassioned vocals, crushing guitars and lyrics ready-made for workout mixtapes, Another Round definitely lives up to its name. Once this EP is done, you’re almost immediately hitting “play” again as you do some sit-ups and take a selfie of your abs in the bathroom mirror.

“What Goes Around” is reminiscent of Metallica-era Metallica, while “Déjà Vu” is a classic kiss-my-ass track that don’t take no guff. The real showstopper is the closing “Pistols.” If you close your eyes tightly, you can picture National Guardsmen rescuing orphans from a forest fire.

God bless America, and God bless Another Round. —Louis Fowler

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Louis Fowler

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