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Bistro38 Thai Green Cuisine
2903 N.W. 36th

food is delicious, and it might just be the perfect meal for a warm
summer day. Try the seasonal dishes that include fruit, such as
Bistro38’s papaya salad or sliced mango with traditional sticky rice.
The teriyaki salmon with a side of greens is a good choice, too.

Wholly Guacamole Kitchen
9015 S.E. 29th, Midwest City

things first: chimi-cheesecake. You’ll want to try that. If you’d
prefer some actual, meal-type food, start with the namesake. Wholly guac
is a mix of fresh avocado chunks, diced jalepeños and onions. Indulge
in fajitas and tamales, or keep it light with a guacamole salad.

Urban Wine Works
1749 N.W. 16th

might not be new, but its menu is. Also, Urban now offers brunch on
weekends. Possibilities range from tapas to hearty meals, so every empty
tummy can be filled with tasty fare like bacon bread pudding and rack
of lamb. Oh, and there’s damn fine table wine.

The Drum Room
4309 N. Western

there is a substantial musical theme at play at The Drum Room, diners
are not expected to join a band upon entrance — unless we’re talking
about a band of people who like fried chicken. This new eatery offers
drum “stix” and wings, as well as a patio and beverages for happy hour.

Peloton Wine Bar & Cafe
900 N. Broadway

for a summer spin and wanting a quick bite and perhaps some refreshing
blackberry lemonade? Pedal yourself on over to the metro’s newest wine
bar and cafe. Enjoy the meat & antipasto plate, which is served with
smoked almonds, mixed olives and marinated artichoke.

Britton Thai Restaurant
1428 W. Britton, Nichols Hills

the loss of Spoon Thai? Don’t fret. Your craving for Thai can be
satiated, and at the same location, no less. Grab the $7.50 lunch
special, which includes soup, appetizer, jasmine rice, choice of entree
and curry of the day. Splurge on the chef-recommended pad thai.

The Lobby Cafe & Bar
4322 N. Western

not just about the cocktails, although imbibing is easy when it’s some
of the tastiest peach bellinis and brambles you’ll find north of
Interstate 40. The food is great, too! The menu is updated regularly
with new offerings like bison burgers with black bean aioli and truffled
beet purée.

Photos by Shannon Cornman, Mark Hancock and Heather Brown

Jenn Scott

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