Slam-dunk romance (not KD’s)

Credit: Brad Gregg

Upton and Griffin were spotted at a chic Manhattan hot spot, in which they were, according to the unimpeachable source that is E! Online, getting “very cozy” with one another.

The source reports that the two were “cuddling and holding hands, although they were not seen making out.” Adding, “They seemed pretty cute together.”

ostensibly would swat that whole “cute” thing deep into the third row.
Although he was reportedly wearing salmon-colored pants at the time —
which, we’ve gotta admit, is pretty freaking adorable.

nomming out on some appetizers (again, cute!) and showering in Don
Julio tequila, the pair moseyed over to the nearby Avenue nightclub,
where E!’s source claims “they closed the place down,” with, presumably,
some filthy dance moves.

word yet on the gravity of their relationship, but we advise Blake to
keep an eye on the NHL, ATP, NASCAR and Premier League. He needs to hold
on to this one.

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