Bad aim

Illustration: Brad Gregg

OK, so drugs play a part in it, too.

Ada woman Christie Dawn
Harris sent the Internet into one of its tee-hee tizzies in March, when
it was reported that while she was under arrest for meth, police officer
Kathy Unbewust noticed, per her report, “a wooden and metal item
sticking out from [Harris’] vagina area.”

item was not a craft-in-progress purchased from a local Hobby Lobby,
but a handgun — specifically, as Unbewust reported, “a 5-shot revolver
with rounds in the chamber.”

Note to potential arrestees: No hiding chambers in chambers. Note to police officers: “Vaginal” is the adjective you seek.

flash-forward to last week, with Harris sentenced to serve 25 years in
the state pokey. According to The Smoking Gun website, she also was
ordered to pay $1,363 in court costs and fees. That’s a lot of dough;
perhaps she has some stashed in — ahem — a coin purse?

Gazette staff

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