Pooping Tom

Illustration: Brad Gregg

Webster Enlow was discovered by a woman taking her 7-year-old daughter
into an outdoor bathroom in a Sand Springs park. Enlow, caught
brown-handed, was inside the cylindrical septic tank that houses the

He blamed an
enraged girlfriend named Angel for his predicament. Supposedly, she
knocked him unconscious with a tire iron before forcing him into the
White Water Park water closet. All of this just 30 minutes before the
mother and daughter sniffed out the 52-year-old.

authorities hardly believed the 6-foot-1, 240-pound Enlow’s story, with
his hulking size possibly due to his being full of, well, you know.

his outside certainly was covered with it. Keystone firefighters
extricated and hosed off the stinker before EMSA took the alleged peeper
to a hospital, where, we presume, he was treated by some mightily
unlucky medical personnel.

Enlow is facing a misdemeanor charge of being a peeping Tom.


Gazette staff

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